GifView Extension

Hello for all Update 17/11/2017 : Add bloc to run GIF on picture ( Donate my work if you like it ) Update 13/11/2017: Add bloc RunAnimation and StopAnimation Today i give you…


This extension is totally different to Activity_Starter for calling your application. with this extension you can call your application from the list in background without lost data… Also if the phone is…

M3U8 Player Extension

New Update: 12/08/2018 1- Add 18 animation loading. 2- Add more event . 3- Simplify use with the blocks. 4- Add more component. 5- Show to play with full screen…

FilterBar Extension

Hello All I present you new Extention can give you posibility to have ListView with FilterBar to scroll in the specifique position. Bloc: Video: Video :

ZoomImage pro Extension

Hello all i present you a new update of extension ZoomImage pro 13/12/2018 1: add asynchronous image loading. 2: add new Event and Progress loading event 3: add stop loading….

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